A group of children with Santa Clause

Gift Catalogue

With our gift catalogue you can choose special gifts and experiences for youth in Kennedy House care. Help us make a difference in the lives of youth and children as they build a better future.

Brighten the winter season for vulnerable youth

A hand reaching for cranberry sauce on a table with a holiday feast on it

A Festive Feast

For many of the youth in our care, something as simply as a big family-style dinner can help to show them that they are cared for and loved. Help us welcome home youth in care and youth experiencing homelessness.

A youth with red sneakers standing on a grey floor mat that says "Welcome"says

Welcome Home Package

Youth experiencing homelessness often arrive at Kennedy House with only the clothes on their backs. Help us give youth coming to Kennedy House a warm welcome by making sure they have the necessities and comfort needed to heal and grow.

A headshot of a child who uses Kennedy House services

A Fresh Start Kit

Help us set our clients up for success with a fresh start kit when they move out of the shelter into independent housing. This kit includes first home essentials like cleaning supplies, and kitchen and bathroom essentials.

A bag of yellow yarn placed on top of a cozy gray blanket

Cozy Winter Bundle

Help us find the bright side of 2020. With the cozy winter bundle youth in our care can relax and enjoy the magic of this season in a safe and supportive environment.

A present wrapped in brown paper and a red bow sitting under a Christmas tree

Christmas Morning Surprise

For the majority of youth in our care, this will be their only holiday celebration. With your help we can make sure it's a positive and memorable experience by giving them the holiday surprise that they deserve.

A cup of hot chocolate placed beside an open book on top of a cozy blanket

A Holiday Treat

Help us bring some joy and warmth into the lives of youth this holiday season. A small surprise to build a sense of family and belonging. It can be as simple as a hot chocolate and a sweet treat in a safe environment.

Feature Gift

Comfort Blanket

Now you can support the mental and emotional wellbeing of clients in our care through the purchase of weighted blankets. Weighted blankets are a popular tool to calm and ground individuals experiencing mental and emotional distress. Tools like weighted blankets help us provide a constant sense of comfort, security, and safety for the individuals in our care.