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Our Approach to Care

Kennedy House continues to adapt to the emerging needs of clients and evolving trends in our community. We seek to champion equity, diversity, and inclusion, and continue our legacy of caring, because the need is real.

Clinical Mandate and Objectives

The mandate and purpose of the clinical program at Kennedy House is to attend to the individual needs of each resident in care. This is done by stabilizing the resident’s presenting behaviour, working towards a resolution of past-identified difficulties, and developing new coping skills. The long-term goal of the program is to return the resident to the community with established coping abilities and the skills required to lead a productive, fulfilling life.


  • To ensure safety and wellbeing of all individuals within our care
  • To institute the standards, guidelines, mandates and philosophy of the CYFSA (Child, Youth and Family Services Act), YCJA (Youth Criminal Justice Act), and all other relevant legislation
  • To provide proficient programming to young persons
  • To provide gender-specific programming to all clients

Our Beliefs

The following beliefs serve as the basis for all programming at Kennedy House:

  • Safety and structure are the foundations for program development
  • Healing is not linear
  • People desire to do well and succeed
  • Emotions are not to be judged
  • People usually do the best they can with the resources available to them
  • Behaviour is a symptom that must be understood within a broader context
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