Day Treatment for Students

Day Treatment for Students

Kennedy House operates a co-ed day treatment classroom which is ideal for students who do not need residential placement, but who are experiencing significant difficulties in a traditional school setting. The program objectives are to provide a supportive classroom environment with directed learning, and to encourage students to set positive goals.

Program Contact Information

For more in-depth information on Kennedy House Day Treatment Services and to learn more about the enrollment process, please contact us.
(416)-299-3157 ext. 204

Some students just need a little extra help and the right learning environment.

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About the Program

Students with a history of refusing to attend school, limited social skills, behavioural problems, or academic underachievement are candidates for our Day Treatment classroom.

Day Treatment addresses the academic, social and life-skills needs of students ages 13-16, and takes an integrated approach to each student’s treatment plan. Our goal is to re-integrate students into the regular school system.

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